Book Announcement

Book Announcement- JOURNAL OF TWO PLAGUE YEARS by George W. Liebmann This is a collection of 70 op-ed pieces appearing in the Baltimore Sun, The American Conservative Online, the Washington Examiner, Chronicles Online, the Washington Times, and the Calvert Institute website in the two years beginning with the presidential election of 2020. It reflects the […]

Medical Marijuana Workgroup Report (2012)

Final Report of the Medical Marijuana Model Program Workgroup Dear President Miller, Speaker Busch, Chair Frosh, Chair Vallario and Chair Hammen: As chair of the medical marijuana model program workgroup, I am respectfully submitting to you the final report of the workgroup required by Senate Bill 308, Chapter 215 of the 2011 legislative session. Our […]

Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding Report

We reproduce here the interim report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding, revealing how little thought has been given to transportation issues in the first five years of the present state administration: Report to the Governor and Maryland General Assembly by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding February 18, 2011 The Maryland […]

Maryland Teacher Staffing Report

Report on Maryland Teacher Quality

We reproduce here the National Council on Teacher Quality’s critical report on Maryland’s teacher recruitment practices National Council on Teacher Quality 2010 State Teacher Policy Yearbook Blueprint for Change in Maryland Acknowledgments stat Es State education agencies remain our most important partners in this effort, and their extensive experience has helped to ensure the factual […]

Final Pension Affordability Report

We reproduce here to initiate the publication of important public documents on our blog site,the Final Report of the Pension Affordability Task Force, accurately characterized by one of its members as an exercise in “kicking the can down the road”   July 15, 2011 The Honorable Martin J. O’Malley   The Honorable Thomas V. Mike […]