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Book Review of ‘The Tafts’ by George W. Liebmann

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C. Rollyson, Book Review of The Tafts, by George W. Liebmann

. Liebmann, “Firearms Control: Time for a Common-Sense Bargain” TheAmericanSpectatorOnline,November 30, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Kamala Harris Continues to Fail at the Border,” The American Spectator Online, October 24, 2023

G. Liebmann, “The Road Not Taken: EV Edition,” The AmericanConservativeOnline, October 23, 2023

G. Liebmann, “A New Affirmative Action,” Law and Liberty, October 24, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Labor Day Was Once A Sacred Day on the Democratiuc Party Calendar,” TheAmericanConserrvativeOnline,September 3, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Trump Can Win: 2024 Isn’t 2020”, TheAmericanSpectatorOnline, August 11, 2023

G. Liebmann, “The Democrats and Labor,” Calvert Institute, August 1, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Israel’s Juristocracy–And Ours”, Calvert Institute, July 30, 2023

G. Liebmann, “A New Affirmative Action, ” Calvert Institute, July 25, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Justice Kagan’s Apostasy,” TheAmericanConservativeOnline, August 2, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Dobbs Comes to Maryland,” How Appealing, July 8, 2023
G. Liebmann, “Dobbs Comes to Maryland,” Maryland Reporter, July 8, 2023

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RESI (Regional Economic Studies Institute)

Project leader on many RESI projects. Clients include the Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration, Charles County and Greenebaum & Rose. Research areas encompass labor economics, public finance and sports economics. Has developed econometric forecasting models for various municipalities.

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