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Two Little Words

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G. Liebmann, “Two Little Words”: Presidential Endorsement, theamericanconservative, October 27, 2020

G. Liebmann, “BLM: An Epidemic of Ideas,” Theamericanconservativeonline, October 14, 2020

G. Liebmann, “What Affirmative Actiion Should Look Like,” The American Conservative, October 7, 2020

G. Liebmann, “Lawmakers Already Have Authority to Add Money to State Budget,” Baltimore Sun, October 1, 2020

G. Liebmann, “What Courts Are (and Are Not) For,” The American Conservative, September 29, 2020

G. Liebmann, “Covid Creates New Opportunities in Suburbs,” Washington Times, September 24, 2020

G. Liebmann, “Justice Ginsberg’s Death and the Future of the Supreme Court,” TheAmericanConservative, September 21, 2020

G. Liebmann, Trump and Biden: Two Profiles in Cowardice on Marijuana, New York Daily News, September 17, 2020

G. Liebmann, The Suicide of Congress, Town Hall, September 12,2020

G. Liebmann, Fifty Years of Moralistic Rhetoric, Washington Times, August 19, 2020

G. Liebmann, “Is America Losing Another Generation, Washington Times, August 4, 2020

G.Liebmann, “The Secular Case for Abortion Restrictions,” Washington Examnier,July 27,2020

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Mr. Douglas P. Stiegler
Executive Director
Family Protection Lobby

Promotes traditional Judeo-Christian values through lobbying, public speaking, writing, radio and television interviews. Has led missionary teams in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Paraguay. Co-leads, with wife Barbara, a marriage enrichment program for couples on communication, listening, conflict management, etc. Board member of Pro-Life Maryland.

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