Mr. Adam D. Thierer

Posted in: Environment/Transportation Policy, Legal/Regulatory/Judicial, Taxation/Budget/Economic Policy

Alex C. Walker Fellow for Economic Policy , Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
Washington DC
Work Fax: (202) 842-3490


Examines how unnecessary regulations hurt America's prosperity and international competitiveness with a focus on communications policy, the Internet, electricity deregulation, antitrust law, federalism and environmental risk regulation.

Academic Background

B.A.: Indiana University (Political Science/Journalism).
M.A.: University of Maryland (International Business Management).

Publications or Presentations

The Delicate Balance: Federalism, Interstate Commerce & Economic Freedom in the Technological Age (Washington, D.C.: Heritage Foundation, 1999).
"Electricity Deregulation: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Debate over Stranded Cost Recovery," Heritage Talking Points, No. 20, Mar. 11, 1997.
"20th Anniversary of Airline Deregulation: Cause for Celebration, Not Re-Regulation," Heritage Backgrounder, No. 1173, Apr. 22, 1998.

Issue Specialities

Deregulation, utilities, stranded costs, telecommunications, Internet, federalism, interstate commerce.

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Environment/Transportation Policy
Taxation/Budget/Economic Policy