Mr. Douglas P. Stiegler

Posted in: Crime/Self Defense/Illegal Drugs, Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism, Housing/Urban Redevelopment/Planning, Legal/Regulatory/Judicial, Society/Family/Community/Religion

Executive Director , Family Protection Lobby
P.O. Box 106
Annapolis MD
Work Fax: (410) 922-2030
Home: (410) 922-0712


Promotes traditional Judeo-Christian values through lobbying, public speaking, writing, radio and television interviews.
Has led missionary teams in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Paraguay.
Co-leads, with wife Barbara, a marriage enrichment program for couples on communication, listening, conflict management, etc.
Board member of Pro-Life Maryland.

Academic Background

B.A.: Lafayette College (Economics).

Publications or Presentations

Publishes a monthly newsletter, News for the Family, that features legislative updates on state and local issues of importance. Also includes a pro-life event calendar.

Issue Specialities

Pro-life, pro-family issues, education, gambling, pornography, missionaries, evangelism, religion, abstinence, vouchers, Home schooling.

Calvert Index

Crime/Self Defense/Illegal Drugs
Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism
Housing/Urban Redevelopment/Planning