Ms. Solveig Singleton

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Director, Information Studies , Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC
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Specializes in privacy policy, encryption and telecom law. Also serves as vice chair of publications for the Telecommunications and Electronic Media Practice Group of the Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy Studies.
Published in Journal of Commerce, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal, Internet Underground and HotWired.

Academic Background

B.A.: Reed College (Philosophy).
J.D.: Cornell Law School.

Publications or Presentations

"Privacy as Censorship: A Skeptical View of Proposals to Regulate Privacy in the Private Sector," Cato Institute Policy Analysis, No. 295, Jan. 22, 1998.
Co-editor, Regulator's Revenge: The Future of Telecommunications Deregulation (Washington, D.C.: Cato Institute, 1998).
"Beyond the Communications Decency Act: Constitutional Lessons of the Internet," Cato Institute Policy Analysis, No. 262, Oct. 22, 1998.

Issue Specialities

Privacy, encryption, telecommunications, electronic media, e-commerce, internet, consumer information, telephone subsidies.

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