Mr. Greg Scandlen

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President , Health Benefits Group
261-A West Patrick St.
Frederick MD
Work Fax: (202) 682-7241
Home: (301) 898-5101


Independent consultant dealing in free-market health-care financing reform.
Publishes two newsletters on health-care reform, especially Medicare, medical savings accounts and federal tax issues.
Cato fellow in health policy representing the Cato Institute's free-market approach to health care reform.

Academic Background

B.A.: University of Southern Maine (Political Science/Communications).

Publications or Presentations

Edits and publishes The Washington Weekly, a newsletter that tracks health care reform issues on a national basis and advocates a free-market system of health care.

Issue Specialities

Medical savings accounts (MSAs), tax reform, regulatory reform, risk pools, mandated benefits, employee ownership of heath benefits.

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