Dr. John E. Berthoud

Posted in: Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism, Employment/Labor Law/Racial Preferences, Health Care/Workers' Compensation, State & Municipal Services/Privatization, Taxation/Budget/Economic Policy

President , National Taxpayers Union & National and the Taxpayers Union Foundation
108 N. Alfred Street
Alexandria VA
Work Fax: (703) 683-5722
Email: jberthoud@aol.com
Home: (703) 841-4791
Website: www.ntu.org


Directs the research, lobbying, citizen-education efforts and overall focus of the nation's largest taxpayer group.
Previously conducted and directed research on a variety of topics including taxes and economic growth, educational reform, regulation and federal employment and spending trends as vice president of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution.

Academic Background

B.A.: Georgetown University (Government).
M.A.: Columbia University (International Affairs).
Ph.D.: Yale University (Political Economy).

Publications or Presentations

Interviewed for numerous newspaper and magazine articles and has had many editorials published in newspapers across the country; guest on many radio and television programs discussing various political issues.

Issue Specialities

Tax Reform, Flat Tax, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Health Care, Term Limits, Economic Growth, Taxes, Educational Reform, Regulation, School Choice, Budget, Fiscal Policy.

Calvert Index

Taxation/Budget/Economic Policy
State & Municipal Services/Privatization
Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism
Health Care/Worker's Compensation
Employment/Labor Law/Racial Preferences