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G. Liebmann, “Labor Day Was Once A Sacred Day on the Democratiuc Party Calendar,” TheAmericanConserrvativeOnline,September 3, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Trump Can Win: 2024 Isn’t 2020”, TheAmericanSpectatorOnline, August 11, 2023

G. Liebmann, “The Democrats and Labor,” Calvert Institute, August 1, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Israel’s Juristocracy–And Ours”, Calvert Institute, July 30, 2023

G. Liebmann, “A New Affirmative Action, ” Calvert Institute, July 25, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Justice Kagan’s Apostasy,” TheAmericanConservativeOnline, August 2, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Dobbs Comes to Maryland,” How Appealing, July 8, 2023
G. Liebmann, “Dobbs Comes to Maryland,” Maryland Reporter, July 8, 2023

G.Liebmann, “On Centralized and De-Centralized Federal Courts,” How Appealing,July 22, 2023

G. Liebmann, “A Built-In Solution to America’s Housing Shortage, TheAmericanConservativeOnline, July 21, 2023

G. Liebmann, “On Centralized and De-Centralized Federal Courts,” TheAmericanConservativeOnline, Jult 21, 2023

G. Liebmann, “Dobbs Comes to Maryland,” TheAmericanConservativeOnline,July 5,2023

G. Liebmann, “Ukraine and Russia: The Endgame, ” Real Clear Defense, April 29, 2023

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Dr. Stanley W. Carlson-Thies
Director, Social Policy Studies
Center for Public Justice

Conducts research on state and local policies for implementing the charitable-choice provision of the 1996 federal welfare law (to expand government financing of faith-based organizations). Organizes workshops on constitutional and implementation issues concerning government support for religious providers.

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