Using this Directory

You may search this database either by (a) the name of the person for whom you are looking, (b) by broad issue area or (c) by particular expertise.

A. To search by name, simply type the person last name into the the search engine included on this page.

B. Alternatively, you may search by issue area. We have defined 11 broad issue categories, which we call “index chapters.” We have placed each person into at least one, and sometimes more than one, of these index chapters. The 11 broad chapters are as follows:

This chapter headings name more than one sub-issue. This does not mean that any given expert is familiar with all of the sub-categories that make up the chapter heading. Rather, the chapter headings are simply descriptive of the broad area under consideration. Each person’s particular expertise is detailed in the “issue specialties” section of his or her entry.

Let us say that your interest is education policy. Hit to the “Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism” chapter heading link. This take you to a list all the people in the directory with that expertise. Then find each within the main body of the work by using his or her surname as an alphabetical guide. Hit the link to that person. Once you have located each, the “issue specialties” section will tell you exactly what you want to know in terms of distinctive expertise.