Union Rules: A Summary of Liebmann’s Agreement

Last July, the Calvert Institute published a Calvert Issue Brief by Baltimore attorney George Liebmann. Called “The Agreement: How Federal, State and Union Regulations Are Destroying Public Education in Maryland,”1 the study included the first analysis of all 24 teachers’ union contracts currently operative in this state. A summary of the report is reproduced below. The full publication is available from the institute. Call (410) 662-7252 or e-mail us at info@calvertinstitute.org

When George Liebmann approached us to ask if the Calvert Institute might be interested in publishing a study he was writing on teachers’ union contracts in Maryland, we took one look at the draft manuscript and realized we had found a winner. Just getting possession of all 24 union contracts currently operative in the state had been a task in itself, for the unions do not lightly divulge such information.

Liebmann shines the spotlight on one of Maryland’s most closely guarded secrets

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