The Trimmer’s Almanac: Ten Years of the Calvert Institute 1996-2006

The Calvert Institute announces publication of The Trimmer’s Almanac: Ten Years of the Calvert Institute, 1996-2006, available for $30 including postage (five or more copies, $15 each including postage). The Table of Contents of this handsomely bound 660 page volume appears below:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents i

Preface v

I. Criminal Justice

Charles E. Moylan, Jr., J. Frederick Motz, John Glynn,Timothy Doory, Elizabeth Julian, Page Croyder and Peter Saar; The Baltimore Criminal Justice System: The Judges Speak

George Liebmann, Three Brief Comments: Gun Control, Citation Authority, Tenure of Police Commissioners 34

Robert M. McCarthy, Action Plan on Juvenile Crime 41

II. ‘Court Watching’ 49

George Liebmann, The Folly of Consent 49

Kalman Hettleman and George Liebmann;Special Education 60

George Liebmann, A Three Ring Circus 64

George Liebmann, Civil Gideon: An IdeaWhose Time Has Passed 76

III. Drug Policy 81

Alan Friedman, Gary Johnson, Donald Santarelli, Jerome Jaffe, and Robert DuPont; The War on Drugs: A Reconsideration After 40 Years 81

George Liebmann, Testing for Drugs in Schools, The Constitutional Issues 111

Douglas Munro, Why Maryland Should Screen Welfare Applicants For Drug Use 120

IV. Education 127

Denis Doyle, David DeShryver and Douglas Munro; Reforming the Schools to Save the City 127

George Liebmann, The Agreement: How Federal, Estate and Union Regulations are Destroying Public Education in Maryland 192

Donald Langenburg, Peter Martin, and John Toll; High School Science and Mathematics in Maryland 231

Jeffrey Flake, Much Ado About Nothing: Fuss About Certification Protects Closed Shop 254

C. Steven Wallis, Civility: Key to Genuine School Reform 257

Douglas Munro, Public v. Private Schools: A Reality Check 267

Robert Lerner and Althea Nagai; Multi-culturism and the Demise of the Liberal Arts at Maryland’s Public Colleges and Universities, Except Morgan State 271

V. Devolution and Management 307

William Eggers, Timothy Burke, Adrian Moore, Richard Tradewell, and Douglas Munro; Cutting Costs: A Compendium of Competitive Know-How and Privatization Source Materials 307

George Liebmann, A Contrast to Regionalism: Reversing Baltimore’s Decline through
Neighborhood Enterprise and Municipal Discipline 389

Donald Stabile, Wayne Hyatt, Linda Schuett, Marc Porter Magee, Leta Mach, Charles Duff, Jr.; Creating Community in Planned Communities 489

Peter Samuel, C. Kenneth Orski, Kenneth Reid and Ronald Utt; Market Approaches to Congestion Control 528

William Ratchford, Nancy Kopp, Robert Neall, James Brady, Donald Devine and Nina Owcharenko; The Maryland Budget: The Experts Speak 564

George Liebmann, The Baltimore City Retirement System: Heading for Trouble 620

The Calvert Ethos 629

Douglas Munro, An Albanian Sojourn: A Staffer Recalls an Unusual Odyssey 629

Christopher West, Partisan Politicking and the Maryland Judiciary 640

Ronald Dworkin, A Conservative Robespierre: A Review of Bork’s Gomorrah 643

Ronald Dworkin, Too Easy and Too Free: A Review of Murray’s Libertarianism 648

George Liebmann, Two Essays on Terrorism 653

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