Mr. C. Stephen Wallis

Posted in: Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism, Society/Family/Community/Religion

Administrator , Washington/Baltimore Area High School
3121 Old Fence Road
Ellicott City MD
Work Fax: (410) 480-0378
Home: (410) 992-8315
Website: N/A


Has testified before Congress on issues of school culture, student discipline and school violence.

Nominated by peers as National Outstanding Educator of the Year.
Education Task Force director, Ellen Sauerbrey 1998 gubernatorial campaign.
Co-founder of the proposed Business Preparatory Institute, a year-round charter high school for urban youth.

Academic Background

B.A.: University of Maryland (English).
M.A.: Loyola College (Management and Administration).

Publications or Presentations

"Waging a War on Incivility: Tips on How to Curb Student Disruption and Build a More Positive School Culture," Education Week, Feb 11, 1998.
"How State & Local Officials Can Restore Discipline & Civility to America's Public Schools," Heritage State Backgrounder, No. 1018/S, Feb. 9, 1995.
"Civility: Key to Genuine School Reform," Calvert News, Vol. I, No. 4, Fall 1996.

Issue Specialities

School Discipline, School Safety, School culture, parental involvement, local and state legislative involvement, Charter Schools, Teacher Standards, Certification, Special Education, Phonics, Social Promotion, Block Scheduling.

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