Mr. Patrick F. Fagan

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FitzGerald Fellow for Family , Heritage Foundation
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Writes on the links of social problems such as crime, welfare, child abuse and drug addiction with the breakdown of marriage and the abandonment of regular religious worship.
Deputy assistant secretary for social service policy and for family and community policy at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services during the Bush administration.

Academic Background

B.S.: University College Dublin (Social Science).
M.A.: University College Dublin (Psychology).

Publications or Presentations

"How Broken Families Rob Children of their Chance for Future Prosperity," Heritage Backgrounder, No. 1283, Jun. 11, 1999.
"Promoting Adoption Reform: Congress Can Give Children Another Chance," Heritage Backgrounder, No. 1080, May 6, 1996.
"Why Religion Matters: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability," Heritage Backgrounder, No. 1064, Jan. 25, 1996.

Issue Specialities

Adoption, Welfare, Poverty and dependency, Housing and Homelessness, Crime statistics, Family, Media and popular culture, Political correctness, multiculturalism, Religion and public life, Citizenship and civil society, charity.

Calvert Index

Education/School Choice/Multiculturalism
Crime/Self Defense/Illegal Drugs