Dr. Michael A. Schuyler

Posted in: Taxation/Budget/Economic Policy

Senior Economist , Institute for Research on the Economics
1730 K Street, NW
Suite 910
Washington DC
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Email: iret.mike@ibm.net
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IRET provides policy makers with objective, closely-reasoned analyses of economic effects of public economic policy initiatives, primarily at the federal level.
Schuyler has addressed a wide range of tax and regulatory issues, concentrating on how government policies affect economic choices by altering incentives.

Academic Background

B.A.: Bowdoin College (Economics).
M.A.: University of Maryland at College Park (Economics).
Ph.D.: University of Maryland at College Park (Economics).

Publications or Presentations

"Use Budget Surpluses for Tax Reform," IRET Congressional Advisory, No. 76, Mar. 5, 1999.
"Why Medicare Drug Coverage Would Hurt Seniors," IRET Congressional Advisory, No. 86, Jul. 23, 1999.
Wrong Delivery: The Postal Service in Competitive Markets (Washington, D.C.: IRET,1998).

Issue Specialities

Federal income tax, national debt, postal service, government mandates on employers (health insurance and employee compensation).

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Taxation/Budget/Economic Policy