Book Review: Richard Evans, Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History

Richard J. Evans, Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History (London and Boston: Little, Brown, 2019, 785pp. by George W. Liebmann This is a massive biography of a economic historian whose popular fame rests on his having been made one of 65 Companions of Honour by the Queen while remaining a member of the Communist Party […]

The Filibuster: According to Robert Taft

The Filibuster, According to Robert Taft by George W. Liebmann Public congressional approval ratings have rarely been above 20% since 2012 and currently stand at 15.3%. This is a result of the manifest inability of the Senate to enact significant legislation by reason of the three-fifths cloture rule. Speaking of filibusters in 1946, the then […]

The ‘Five Policemen’ Revisited

The “Five Policemen” Revisited by George W. Liebmann “THE PRESIDENT then turned to the third organization which he termed “The Four Policemen,” namely the Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain and China. This organization would have the power to deal immediately with any threat to the peace and any sudden emergency which requires this action. […]

Mencken on Church and State

REMARKS OF GEORGE W. LIEBMANN BEFORE THE MENCKEN SOCIETY, AT THE MARYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, MENCKEN DAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 MENCKEN ON CHURCH AND STATE I am honored to be asked to deliver this talk, but in some measure your presence here is due to false advertising. I am a lawyer who has written about constitutional […]

America’s Paramount Foreign Policy Goal: Minimizing Refugees

G. Liebmann,,December 1, 2017

Baltimore Under Mob Rule

To the Editor: Once this City had a newspaperman, H. L. Mencken, who deemed it his duty to quench public passions, not to feed them, and who fought the Anti-Saloon League and Prohibition Amendment, lynching, and the Red Scare. Today it has editors who in at least six disgraceful editorials and without any fair discussion […]

The Federal Takeover of Local Law Enforcement

The Federal Takeover of Local Law Enforcement America’s Founders warned against national police, for good reason. by George W. Liebmann   The American Conservative, July 6, 2017 Few propositions about American history are clearer than that the framers of our Constitution wanted to preclude the creation of a national law-enforcement authority in any way resembling […]

John Paton Davies: Foreign Policy Prophet A Prophet Remembered John Paton Davies’ memoir, China Hand, was posthumously published, to some critical acclaim, several years ago. His name is usually bracketed with other, more left-wing ‘defrocked diplomats’ of the Mc Carthy period, including O. Edmund Clubb, Owen Lattimore, and John Stewart Service. The later lives of these folk are mostly remembered […]

17 Rules for Foreign Interventions       17 Rules for Foreign Interventions Lessons from America’s lost wars By George Liebmann April 17, 2017   After trillions of dollars spent, thousands of dead and wounded, and the creation of myriad new terrorist enemies, Washington could learn a few lessons when considering future interventions. 1. Do not attempt to establish […]

A Statue that Must Remain

A Statue that Must Remain by George W. Liebmann   Baltimore Sun, February 20, 2016     In its editorial supporting the removal of the memorial to Chief Justice Taney in Mount Vernon Place, the Sun referred to the Dred Scott decision as Justice Taney’s “best known achievement in life” as though the monument was […]